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On Hattori spaces

A. BouziadE. Sukhacheva — 2017

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

For a subset A of the real line , Hattori space H ( A ) is a topological space whose underlying point set is the reals and whose topology is defined as follows: points from A are given the usual Euclidean neighborhoods while remaining points are given the neighborhoods of the Sorgenfrey line. In this paper, among other things, we give conditions on A which are sufficient and necessary for H ( A ) to be respectively almost Čech-complete, Čech-complete, quasicomplete, Čech-analytic and weakly separated (in...

Some remarks about strong proximality of compact flows

A. BouziadJ.-P. Troallic — 2009

Colloquium Mathematicae

This note aims at providing some information about the concept of a strongly proximal compact transformation semigroup. In the affine case, a unified approach to some known results is given. It is also pointed out that a compact flow (X,𝓢) is strongly proximal if (and only if) it is proximal and every point of X has an 𝓢-strongly proximal neighborhood in X. An essential ingredient, in the affine as well as in the nonaffine case, turns out to be the existence of a unique minimal subset.

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