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Complexity of weakly null sequences

We introduce an ordinal index which measures the complexity of a weakly null sequence, and show that a construction due to J. Schreier can be iterated to produce for each α < ω₁, a weakly null sequence ( x n α ) n in C ( ω ω α ) with complexity α. As in the Schreier example each of these is a sequence of indicator functions which is a suppression-1 unconditional basic sequence. These sequences are used to construct Tsirelson-like spaces of large index. We also show that this new ordinal index is related to the Lavrent’ev...

Subspaces of L p , p > 2, determined by partitions and weights

Dale E. AlspachSimei Tong — 2003

Studia Mathematica

Many of the known complemented subspaces of L p have realizations as sequence spaces. In this paper a systematic approach to defining these spaces which uses partitions and weights is introduced. This approach gives a unified description of many well known complemented subspaces of L p . It is proved that the class of spaces with such norms is stable under (p,2) sums. By introducing the notion of an envelope norm, we obtain a necessary condition for a Banach sequence space with norm given by partitions...

Geometry of the Banach spaces C(βℕ × K,X) for compact metric spaces K

Dale E. AlspachElói Medina Galego — 2011

Studia Mathematica

A classical result of Cembranos and Freniche states that the C(K,X) space contains a complemented copy of c₀ whenever K is an infinite compact Hausdorff space and X is an infinite-dimensional Banach space. This paper takes this result as a starting point and begins a study of conditions under which the spaces C(α), α < ω₁, are quotients of or complemented in C(K,X). In contrast to the c₀ result, we prove that if C(βℕ ×[1,ω],X) contains a complemented copy of C ( ω ω ) then X contains a copy of c₀. Moreover,...

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