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Waves of excitations in heterogeneous annular region, asymmetric arrangement

András VolfordPeter SimonHenrik Farkas — 1999

Banach Center Publications

This paper deals with the propagation of waves around a circular obstacle. The medium is heterogeneous: the velocity is smaller in the inner region and greater in the outer region. The interface separating the two regions is also circular, and the obstacle is located eccentrically inside it. The different front portraits are classified.

Waves of excitations in heterogeneous annular region II. Strong asymmetry

Kristóf Kály-KullaiAndrás VolfordHenrik Farkas — 2003

Banach Center Publications

Excitation wave propagation in a heterogeneous medium around a circular obstacle is investigated, when the obstacle is located very eccentrically with respect to the interfacial circle separating the slow inner and the fast outer region. Qualitative properties of the permanent wave fronts are described, and the calculated wave forms are presented.

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