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On pseudospheres that are quasispheres.

John L. LewisAndrew Vogel — 2001

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

We construct bounded domains D not equal to a ball in n ≥ 3 dimensional Euclidean space, R, for which ∂D is homeomorphic to a sphere under a quasiconformal mapping of R and such that n - 1 dimensional Hausdorff measure equals harmonic measure on ∂D.

On the dimension of p -harmonic measure in space

John L. LewisKaj NyströmAndrew Vogel — 2013

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

Let Ω n , n 3 , and let p , 1 < p < , p 2 , be given. In this paper we study the dimension of p -harmonic measures that arise from non-negative solutions to the p -Laplace equation, vanishing on a portion of Ω , in the setting of δ -Reifenberg flat domains. We prove, for p n , that there exists δ ˜ = δ ˜ ( p , n ) > 0 small such that if Ω is a δ -Reifenberg flat domain with δ < δ ˜ , then p -harmonic measure is concentrated on a set of σ -finite H n 1 -measure. We prove, for p n , that for sufficiently flat Wolff snowflakes the Hausdorff dimension of p -harmonic measure...

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