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An extension of typically-real functions and associated orthogonal polynomials

Iwona NaranieckaJan SzynalAnna Tatarczak — 2011

Annales UMCS, Mathematica

Two-parameters extension of the family of typically-real functions is studied. The definition is obtained by the Stjeltjes integral formula. The kernel function in this definition serves as a generating function for some family of orthogonal polynomials generalizing Chebyshev polynomials of the second kind. The results of this paper concern the exact region of local univalence, bounds for the radius of univalence, the coefficient problems within the considered family as well as the basic properties...

Linearly-invariant families and generalized Meixner–Pollaczek polynomials

Iwona NaranieckaJan SzynalAnna Tatarczak — 2013

Annales UMCS, Mathematica

The extremal functions f0(z) realizing the maxima of some functionals (e.g. max |a3|, and max arg f′(z)) within the so-called universal linearly invariant family Uα (in the sense of Pommerenke [10]) have such a form that f′0(z) looks similar to generating function for Meixner-Pollaczek (MP) polynomials [2], [8]. This fact gives motivation for the definition and study of the generalized Meixner-Pollaczek (GMP) polynomials Pλn (x; θ,ψ) of a real variable x as coefficients of [###] where the parameters...

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