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On some quadrature rules with Laplace end corrections

Bogusław BożekWiesław SolakZbigniew Szydełko — 2012

Open Mathematics

We investigate quadrature rules with Laplace end corrections that depend on a parameter β. Specific values of β yield sixth order rules. We apply our results to approximating the sum of slowly converging series s = Σi=1∞ f(i + 1/2) where f ∈ C 6 with its sixth derivative of constant sign on [m, ∞) and ∫ m∞ f(x)dx is known for m ∈ ℕ. Several examples show the efficiency of this method. This paper continues the results from [Solak W., Szydełko Z., Quadrature rules with Gregory-Laplace end corrections,...

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