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The growth speed of digits in infinite iterated function systems

Chun-Yun CaoBao-Wei WangJun Wu — 2013

Studia Mathematica

Let f n 1 be an infinite iterated function system on [0,1] satisfying the open set condition with the open set (0,1) and let Λ be its attractor. Then to any x ∈ Λ (except at most countably many points) corresponds a unique sequence a ( x ) n 1 of integers, called the digit sequence of x, such that x = l i m n f a ( x ) f a ( x ) ( 1 ) . We investigate the growth speed of the digits in a general infinite iterated function system. More precisely, we determine the dimension of the set x Λ : a ( x ) B ( n 1 ) , l i m n a ( x ) = for any infinite subset B ⊂ ℕ, a question posed by Hirst for continued...

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