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Analysis of a multi-server queueing model with vacations and optional secondary services

Srinivas R. Chakravarthy — 2013

Mathematica Applicanda

In this paper we study a multi-server queueing model in which the customer arrive according to a Markovian arrival process. The customers may require, with a certain probability, an optional secondary service upon completion of a primary service. The secondary services are offered (in batches of varying size) when any of the following conditions holds good: (a) upon completion of a service a free server finds no primary customer waiting in the queue and there is at least one secondary customer (including...

MAP/PH/1 queueing model with working vacation and crowdsourcing

Srinivas R. ChakravarthySerife Ozkar — 2016

Mathematica Applicanda

Crowdsourcing has been used in different domains such as healthcare, computer science, environmental sciences, business and marketing. However, only recently, queueing models useful in the context of crowdsourcing have been studied. These studies involve queueing models of the type M/M/c, MAP/PH/1, and MAP/PH/c. In this paper we introduce vacation and working vacation in the context of MAP/PH/1 with crowdsourcing and highlight the qualitative aspects of the model through illustrative examples.

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