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On the Lipschitz operator algebras

A. EbadianA. A. Shokri — 2009

Archivum Mathematicum

In a recent paper by H. X. Cao, J. H. Zhang and Z. B. Xu an α -Lipschitz operator from a compact metric space into a Banach space A is defined and characterized in a natural way in the sence that F : K A is a α -Lipschitz operator if and only if for each σ X * the mapping σ F is a α -Lipschitz function. The Lipschitz operators algebras L α ( K , A ) and l α ( K , A ) are developed here further, and we study their amenability and weak amenability of these algebras. Moreover, we prove an interesting result that L α ( K , A ) and l α ( K , A ) are isometrically...

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