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Gradient observability for diffusion systems

El Hassane ZerrikHamid Bourray — 2003

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The aim of this paper is to study regional gradient observability for a diffusion system and the reconstruction of the state gradient without the knowledge of the state. First, we give definitions and characterizations of these new concepts and establish necessary conditions for the sensor structure in order to obtain regional gradient observability. We also explore an approach which allows for a regional gradient reconstruction. The developed method is original and leads to a numerical algorithm...

Regional boundary observability: a numerical approach

El Hassane ZerrikHamid BourrayAli Boutoulout — 2002

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

In this paper we review the concept of regional boundary observability, developed in (Michelitti, 1976), by means of sensor structures. This leads to the so-called boundary strategic sensors. A characterization of such sensors which guarantees regional boundary observability is given. The results obtained are applied to a two-dimensional system, and various cases of sensors are considered. We also describe an approach which leads to the estimation of the initial boundary state, which is illustrated...

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