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Remarks on the complementability of spaces of Bochner integrable functions in spaces of vector measures

Giovanni Emmanuele — 1996

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

In the paper [5] L. Drewnowski and the author proved that if X is a Banach space containing a copy of c 0 then L 1 ( μ , X ) is complemented in c a b v ( μ , X ) and conjectured that the same result is true if X is any Banach space without the Radon-Nikodym property. Recently, F. Freniche and L. Rodriguez-Piazza ([7]) disproved this conjecture, by showing that if μ is a finite measure and X is a Banach lattice not containing copies of c 0 , then L 1 ( μ , X ) is complemented in c a b v ( μ , X ) . Here, we show that the complementability of L 1 ( μ , X ) in c a b v ( μ , X ) together...

Existence of solutions of perturbed O.D.E.'s in Banach spaces

Giovanni Emmanuele — 1991

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

We consider a perturbed Cauchy problem like the following (PCP) x ' = A ( t , x ) + B ( t , x ) x ( 0 ) = x 0 and we present two results showing that (PCP) has a solution. In some cases, our theorems are more general than the previous ones obtained by other authors (see [4], [8], [9], [11], [13], [17], [18]).

Uncomplementability of spaces of compact operators in larger spaces of operators

Giovanni EmmanueleKamil John — 1997

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

In the first part of the paper we prove some new result improving all those already known about the equivalence of the nonexistence of a projection (of any norm) onto the space of compact operators and the containment of c 0 in the same space of compact operators. Then we show several results implying that the space of compact operators is uncomplemented by norm one projections in larger spaces of operators. The paper ends with a list of questions naturally rising from old results and the results...

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