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On the irreducibility of Hilbert scheme of surfaces of minimal degree

Fedor BogomolovViktor Kulikov — 2013

Open Mathematics

The article contains a new proof that the Hilbert scheme of irreducible surfaces of degree m in ℙm+1 is irreducible except m = 4. In the case m = 4 the Hilbert scheme consists of two irreducible components explicitly described in the article. The main idea of our approach is to use the proof of Chisini conjecture [Kulikov Vik.S., On Chisini’s conjecture II, Izv. Math., 2008, 72(5), 901–913 (in Russian)] for coverings of projective plane branched in a special class of rational curves.

Collineation group as a subgroup of the symmetric group

Fedor BogomolovMarat Rovinsky — 2013

Open Mathematics

Let ψ be the projectivization (i.e., the set of one-dimensional vector subspaces) of a vector space of dimension ≥ 3 over a field. Let H be a closed (in the pointwise convergence topology) subgroup of the permutation group 𝔖 ψ of the set ψ. Suppose that H contains the projective group and an arbitrary self-bijection of ψ transforming a triple of collinear points to a non-collinear triple. It is well known from [Kantor W.M., McDonough T.P., On the maximality of PSL(d+1,q), d ≥ 2, J. London Math. Soc.,...

On the diffeomorphic type of the complement to a line arrangement in a projective plane

Fedor BogomolovViktor Kulikov — 2012

Open Mathematics

We show that the diffeomorphic type of the complement to a line arrangement in a complex projective plane P 2 depends only on the graph of line intersections if no line in the arrangement contains more than two points in which at least two lines intersect. This result also holds for some special arrangements which do not satisfy this property. However it is not true in general, see [Rybnikov G., On the fundamental group of the complement of a complex hyperplane arrangement, Funct. Anal. Appl., 2011,...

Ordinary reduction of K3 surfaces

Fedor BogomolovYuri Zarhin — 2009

Open Mathematics

Let X be a K3 surface over a number field K. We prove that there exists a finite algebraic field extension E/K such that X has ordinary reduction at every non-archimedean place of E outside a density zero set of places.

Linear bounds for levels of stable rationality

Let G be one of the groups SLn(ℂ), Sp2n (ℂ), SOm(ℂ), Om(ℂ), or G 2. For a generically free G-representation V, we say that N is a level of stable rationality for V/G if V/G × ℙN is rational. In this paper we improve known bounds for the levels of stable rationality for the quotients V/G. In particular, their growth as functions of the rank of the group is linear for G being one of the classical groups.

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