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A Finite Characterization and Recognition of Intersection Graphs of Hypergraphs with Rank at Most 3 and Multiplicity at Most 2 in the Class of Threshold Graphs

Yury MetelskyKseniya SchemelevaFrank Werner — 2017

Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory

We characterize the class [...] L32 L 3 2 of intersection graphs of hypergraphs with rank at most 3 and multiplicity at most 2 by means of a finite list of forbidden induced subgraphs in the class of threshold graphs. We also give an O(n)-time algorithm for the recognition of graphs from [...] L32 L 3 2 in the class of threshold graphs, where n is the number of vertices of a tested graph.

On the application of insertion techniques for job shop problems with setup times

Yuri N. SotskovThomas TautenhahnFrank Werner — 2010

RAIRO - Operations Research

Constructive heuristics for shop scheduling problems are often based on priority (or dispatching) rules. However, recent work has demonstrated that insertion algorithms that step by step insert operations or jobs into partial schedules usually clearly outperform priority rules. In this paper, we consider various job shop scheduling problems with setup times. For each job a specific technological route and a release date are given. Moreover, the jobs are partitioned into groups. A sequence independent...

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