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Infinite geodesic rays in the space of Kähler potentials

Claudio ArezzoGang Tian — 2003

Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa - Classe di Scienze

In this paper we prove the existence of solutions of a degenerate complex Monge-Ampére equation on a complex manifold. Applying our existence result to a special degeneration of complex structure, we show how to associate to a change of complex structure an infinite length geodetic ray in the space of potentials. We also prove an existence result for the initial value problem for geodesics. We end this paper with a discussion of a list of open problems indicating how to relate our reults to the...

Hermitian curvature flow

Jeffrey StreetsGang Tian — 2011

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We define a functional for Hermitian metrics using the curvature of the Chern connection. The Euler–Lagrange equation for this functional is an elliptic equation for Hermitian metrics. Solutions to this equation are related to Kähler–Einstein metrics, and are automatically Kähler–Einstein under certain conditions. Given this, a natural parabolic flow equation arises. We prove short time existence and regularity results for this flow, as well as stability for the flow near Kähler–Einstein metrics...

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