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Numerical Solution of Fractional Diffusion-Wave Equation with two Space Variables by Matrix Method

Garg, MridulaManohar, Pratibha — 2010

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

Mathematics Subject Classi¯cation 2010: 26A33, 65D25, 65M06, 65Z05. In the present paper we solve space-time fractional diffusion-wave equation with two space variables, using the matrix method. Here, in particular, we give solutions to classical diffusion and wave equations and fractional diffusion and wave equations with different combinations of time and space fractional derivatives. We also plot some graphs for these problems with the help of MATLAB routines.

On a Class of Generalized Elliptic-type Integrals

Garg, MridulaKatta, VimalKalla, S. — 2001

Serdica Mathematical Journal

The aim of this paper is to study a generalized form of elliptic-type integrals which unify and extend various families of elliptic-type integrals studied recently by several authors. In a recent communication [1] we have obtained recurrence relations and asymptotic formula for this generalized elliptic-type integral. Here we shall obtain some more results which are single and multiple integral formulae, differentiation formula, fractional integral and approximations for this class of generalized...

On the product of triangular random variables

Mridula GargSangeeta ChoudharySaralees Nadarajah — 2009

Applicationes Mathematicae

We derive the probability density function (pdf) for the product of three independent triangular random variables. It involves consideration of various cases and subcases. We obtain the pdf for one subcase and present the remaining cases in tabular form. We also indicate how to calculate the pdf for the product of n triangular random variables.

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