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Modelling Physiological and Pharmacological Control on Cell Proliferation to Optimise Cancer Treatments

J. Clairambault — 2009

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

This review aims at presenting a synoptic, if not exhaustive, point of view on some of the problems encountered by biologists and physicians who deal with natural cell proliferation and disruptions of its physiological control in cancer disease. It also aims at suggesting how mathematicians are naturally challenged by these questions and how they might help, not only biologists to deal theoretically with biological complexity, but also physicians to optimise therapeutics, on which last point the...

Comparison of Perron and Floquet Eigenvalues in Age Structured Cell Division Cycle Models

J. ClairambaultS. GaubertTh. Lepoutre — 2009

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

We study the growth rate of a cell population that follows an age-structured PDE with time-periodic coefficients. Our motivation comes from the comparison between experimental tumor growth curves in mice endowed with intact or disrupted circadian clocks, known to exert their influence on the cell division cycle. We compare the growth rate of the model controlled by a time-periodic control on its coefficients with the growth rate of stationary models of the same nature, but with averaged coefficients....

Stability Analysis of Cell Dynamics in Leukemia

H. ÖzbayC. BonnetH. BenjellounJ. Clairambault — 2012

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

In order to better understand the dynamics of acute leukemia, and in particular to find theoretical conditions for the efficient delivery of drugs in acute myeloblastic leukemia, we investigate stability of a system modeling its cell dynamics. The overall system is a cascade connection of sub-systems consisting of distributed delays and static nonlinear feedbacks. Earlier results on local asymptotic stability are improved by the analysis of the...

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