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Combining forecasts using the least trimmed squares

Jan Ámos Víšek — 2001


Employing recently derived asymptotic representation of the least trimmed squares estimator, the combinations of the forecasts with constraints are studied. Under assumption of unbiasedness of individual forecasts it is shown that the combination without intercept and with constraint imposed on the estimate of regression coefficients that they sum to one, is better than others. A numerical example is included to support theoretical conclusions.

The least trimmed squares. Part I: Consistency

Jan Ámos Víšek — 2006


The consistency of the least trimmed squares estimator (see Rousseeuw [Rous] or Hampel et al. [HamRonRouSta]) is proved under general conditions. The assumptions employed in paper are discussed in details to clarify the consequences for the applications.

Consistency of the least weighted squares under heteroscedasticity

Jan Ámos Víšek — 2011


A robust version of the Ordinary Least Squares accommodating the idea of weighting the order statistics of the squared residuals (rather than directly the squares of residuals) is recalled and its properties are studied. The existence of solution of the corresponding extremal problem and the consistency under heteroscedasticity is proved.

Instrumental weighted variables under heteroscedasticity. Part II – Numerical study

Jan Ámos Víšek — 2017


Results of a numerical study of the behavior of the instrumental weighted variables estimator – in a competition with two other estimators – are presented. The study was performed under various frameworks (homoscedsticity/heteroscedasticity, several level and types of contamination of data, fulfilled/broken orthogonality condition). At the beginning the optimal values of eligible parameters of estimatros in question were empirically established. It was done under the various sizes of data sets and...

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