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Algebroid nature of the characteristic classes of flat bundles

Jan Kubarski — 1998

Banach Center Publications

The following two homotopic notions are important in many domains of differential geometry: - homotopic homomorphisms between principal bundles (and between other objects), - homotopic subbundles. They play a role, for example, in many fundamental problems of characteristic classes. It turns out that both these notions can be - in a natural way - expressed in the language of Lie algebroids. Moreover, the characteristic homomorphisms of principal bundles (the Chern-Weil homomorphism [K4], or the...

Connections in regular Poisson manifolds over ℝ-Lie foliations

Jan Kubarski — 2000

Banach Center Publications

The subject of this paper is the notion of the connection in a regular Poisson manifold M, defined as a splitting of the Atiyah sequence of its Lie algebroid. In the case when the characteristic foliation F is an ℝ-Lie foliation, the fibre integral operator along the adjoint bundle is used to define the Euler class of the Poisson manifold M. When M is oriented 3-dimensional, the notion of the index of a local flat connection with singularities along a closed transversal is defined. If, additionally,...

The Euler-Poincaré-Hopf theorem for flat connections in some transitive Lie algebroids

Jan Kubarski — 2006

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

This paper is a continuation of [19], [21], [22]. We study flat connections with isolated singularities in some transitive Lie algebroids for which either or s l ( 2 , ) or so ( 3 ) are isotropy Lie algebras. Under the assumption that the dimension of the isotropy Lie algebra is equal to n + 1 , where n is the dimension of the base manifold, we assign to any such isolated singularity a real number called an index. For -Lie algebroids, this index cannot be an integer. We prove the index theorem (the Euler-Poincaré-Hopf...

Nondegenerate cohomology pairing for transitive Lie algebroids, characterization

Jan KubarskiAlexandr Mishchenko — 2004

Open Mathematics

The Evens-Lu-Weinstein representation (Q A, D) for a Lie algebroid A on a manifold M is studied in the transitive case. To consider at the same time non-oriented manifolds as well, this representation is slightly modified to (Q Aor, Dor) by tensoring by orientation flat line bundle, Q Aor=QA⊗or (M) and D or=D⊗∂Aor. It is shown that the induced cohomology pairing is nondegenerate and that the representation (Q Aor, Dor) is the unique (up to isomorphy) line representation for which the top group of...

Linear direct connections

Jan KubarskiNicolae Teleman — 2007

Banach Center Publications

In this paper we study the geometry of direct connections in smooth vector bundles (see N. Teleman [Tn.3]); we show that the infinitesimal part, τ , of a direct connection τ is a linear connection. We determine the curvature tensor of the associated linear connection τ . As an application of these results, we present a direct proof of N. Teleman’s Theorem 6.2 [Tn.3], which shows that it is possible to represent the Chern character of smooth vector bundles as the periodic cyclic homology class of a...

Pontryagin algebra of a transitive Lie algebroid

Kubarski, Jan — 1990

Proceedings of the Winter School "Geometry and Physics"

[For the entire collection see Zbl 0699.00032.] It was previously known that for every principal fibre bundle P there is some corresponding transitive Lie algebroid A(P) - a vector bundle equipped with some structure like the structure of a Lie algebra in the module of sections. The author of this article shows that the Chern-Weil homomorphism of P is a notion of the Lie algebroid of P, i.e. knowing only A(P) of P one can uniquely reproduce the ring of invariant polynomials ( V g * ) I and the Chern-Weil...

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