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The two Warsaw

Jan Waszkiewicz — 2016

Antiquitates Mathematicae

The current text is a review of an essay titled „Dwie Warszawy” (Two Warsaws). „Dwie Warszawy” is one of four essays in history of mathematics by Jerzy Mioduszewski. In all of them the author shows, with great discernment, not only the crucial problems of development of mathematical notions, but also cultural as well as political conditions of practising mathematics and its involvements in historical processes. Thanks to employing the literary device of interior monologue of the heroes (or interlacing...

Not that way!

Jan Waszkiewicz — 2012

Mathematica Applicanda

1. Seeing all the recent books popularizing mathematics, I ask myself the question “who are all these publications appearing on the market aimed at?” The natural target seems to be school pupils who are interested in mathematics. On the one hand, such a reader would be a young, mathematically talented person, whose future is likely to be involved with mathematics in some way (not necessarily as a mathematician, but in a profession requiring mathematical ability). I look nostalgically back at my...

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