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Weighted Hardy inequalities and Hardy transforms of weights

Joan CerdàJoaquim Martín — 2000

Studia Mathematica

Many problems in analysis are described as weighted norm inequalities that have given rise to different classes of weights, such as A p -weights of Muckenhoupt and B p -weights of Ariño and Muckenhoupt. Our purpose is to show that different classes of weights are related by means of composition with classical transforms. A typical example is the family M p of weights w for which the Hardy transform is L p ( w ) -bounded. A B p -weight is precisely one for which its Hardy transform is in M p , and also a weight whose indefinite...

Interpolation of quasicontinuous functions

Joan CerdàJoaquim MartínPilar Silvestre — 2011

Banach Center Publications

If C is a capacity on a measurable space, we prove that the restriction of the K-functional K ( t , f ; L p ( C ) , L ( C ) ) to quasicontinuous functions f ∈ QC is equivalent to K ( t , f ; L p ( C ) Q C , L ( C ) Q C ) . We apply this result to identify the interpolation space ( L p , q ( C ) Q C , L p , q ( C ) Q C ) θ , q .

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