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A notion of analytic generator for groups of unbounded operators

José E. Galé — 2005

Banach Center Publications

We introduce a notion of analytic generator for groups of unbounded operators, on Banach modules, arising from Esterle’s quasimultiplier theory. Characterizations of analytic generators are given in terms of the existence of certain functional calculi. This extends recent results about C₀ groups of bounded operators. The theory is applicable to sectorial operators, representations of H , and integrated groups.

Integrated version of the Post-Widder inversion formula for Laplace transforms

José E. GaléMaría M. MartínezPedro J. Miana — 2011

Studia Mathematica

We establish an inversion formula of Post-Widder type for λ α -multiplied vector-valued Laplace transforms (α > 0). This result implies an inversion theorem for resolvents of generators of α-times integrated families (semigroups and cosine functions) which, in particular, provides a unified proof of previously known inversion formulae for α-times integrated semigroups.

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