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On the solution of a generalized system of von Kármán equations

Jozef Kačur — 1981

Aplikace matematiky

A nonlinear system of equations generalizing von Kármán equations is studied. The existence of a solution is proved and the relation between the solutions of the considered system and the solutions of von Kármán system is studied. The system considered is derived in a former paper by Lepig under the assumption of a nonlinear relation between the intensity of stresses and deformations in the constitutive law.

Analysis of approximate solutions of coupled dynamical thermoelasticity and related problems

Jozef KačurAlexander Ženíšek — 1986

Aplikace matematiky

The authors study problems of existence and uniqueness of solutions of various variational formulations of the coupled problem of dynamical thermoelasticity and of the convergence of approximate solutions of these problems. First, the semidiscrete approximate solutions is defined, which is obtained by time discretization of the original variational problem by Euler’s backward formula. Under certain smoothness assumptions on the date authors prove existence and uniqueness of the solution and establish...

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