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A multimodal beta distribution with application to economic data

Saralees NadarajahSamuel Kotz — 2007

Applicationes Mathematicae

Beta distributions are popular models for economic data. In this paper, a new multimodal beta distribution with bathtub shaped failure rate function is introduced. Various structural properties of this distribution are derived, including its cdf, moments, mean deviation about the mean, mean deviation about the median, entropy, asymptotic distribution of the extreme order statistics, maximum likelihood estimates and the Fisher information matrix. Finally, an application to consumer price indices...

Muliere and Scarsini's bivariate Pareto distribution: sums, products and ratios.

Saralees NadarajahSamuel Kotz — 2005


We derive the exact distributions of R = X + Y, P = X Y and W = X / (X + Y) and the corresponding moment properties when X and Y follow Muliere and Scarsini's bivariate Pareto distribution. The expressions turn out to involve special functions. We also provide extensive tabulations of the percentage points associated with the distributions. These tables -obtained using intensive computer power- will be of use to the practitioners of the bivariate Pareto distribution.

Exact and approximate distributions for the product of Dirichlet components

Saralees NadarajahSamuel Kotz — 2004


It is well known that X / ( X + Y ) has the beta distribution when X and Y follow the Dirichlet distribution. Linear combinations of the form α X + β Y have also been studied in Provost and Cheong [S. B. Provost and Y.-H. Cheong: On the distribution of linear combinations of the components of a Dirichlet random vector. Canad. J. Statist. 28 (2000)]. In this paper, we derive the exact distribution of the product P = X Y (involving the Gauss hypergeometric function) and the corresponding moment properties. We also propose...

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