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On sprays and connections

Kozma, László — 1990

Proceedings of the Winter School "Geometry and Physics"

[For the entire collection see Zbl 0699.00032.] A connection structure (M,H) and a path structure (M,S) on the manifold M are called compatible, if S ( v ) = H ( v , v ) , v T M , locally G i ( x , y ) = y j Γ j i ( x , y ) , where G i and Γ j i express the semi-spray S and the connection map H, resp. In the linear case of H its geodesic spray S is quadratic: G i ( x , y ) = Γ j k i ( k ) y j y k . On the contrary, the homogeneity condition of S induces the relation for the compatible connection H, y j ( Γ j i μ t ) = t y j Γ j i , whence it follows not that H is linear, i.e. if a connection structure is compatible with a spray, then...

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