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The problem of complementability for some spaces of vector measures of bounded variation with values in Banach spaces containing copies of c 0

L. DrewnowskiG. Emmanuele — 1993

Studia Mathematica

Let (S, ∑, m) be any atomless finite measure space, and X any Banach space containing a copy of c 0 . Then the Bochner space L 1 ( m ; X ) is uncomplemented in ccabv(∑,m;X), the Banach space of all m-continuous vector measures that are of bounded variation and have a relatively compact range; and ccabv(∑,m;X) is uncomplemented in cabv(∑,m;X). It is conjectured that this should generalize to all Banach spaces X without the Radon-Nikodym property.

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