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Notes on tiled incompressible tori

Leonid Plachta — 2012

Open Mathematics

Let Θ denote the class of essential tori in a closed braid complement which admit a standard tiling in the sense of Birman and Menasco [Birman J.S., Menasco W.W., Special positions for essential tori in link complements, Topology, 1994, 33(3), 525–556]. Moreover, let R denote the class of thin tiled tori in the sense of Ng [Ng K.Y., Essential tori in link complements, J. Knot Theory Ramifications, 1998, 7(2), 205–216]. We define the subclass B ⊂ Θ of typical tiled tori and show that R ⊂ B. We also...

Essential tori admitting a standard tiling

Leonid Plachta — 2006

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Birman and Menasco (1994) introduced and studied a class of embedded tori in closed braid complements which admit a standard tiling. The geometric description of the tori from this class was not complete. Ng showed (1988) that each essential torus in a closed braid complement which admits a standard tiling possesses a staircase tiling pattern. In this paper, we introduce and study the so-called longitude-meridional patterns for essential tori admitting a standard tiling. A longitude-meridional...

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