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An incremental approach to obtaining attribute reduction for dynamic decision systems

Liu Wenjun — 2016

Open Mathematics

In the 1960s Professor Hu Guoding proposed a method of measuring information based on the idea that connotation and denotation of a concept satisfies inverse ratio rule. According to this information measure, firstly we put forward the information quantity for information systems and decision systems; then, we discuss the updating mechanism of information quantity for decision systems; finally, we give an attribute reduction algorithm for decision tables with dynamically varying attribute values....

On derivations of quantales

Qimei XiaoWenjun Liu — 2016

Open Mathematics

A quantale is a complete lattice equipped with an associative binary multiplication distributing over arbitrary joins. We define the notions of right (left, two) sided derivation and idempotent derivation and investigate the properties of them. It’s well known that quantic nucleus and quantic conucleus play important roles in a quantale. In this paper, the relationships between derivation and quantic nucleus (conucleus) are studied via introducing the concept of pre-derivation.

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