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Time-Fractional Derivatives in Relaxation Processes: A Tutorial Survey

Mainardi, FrancescoGorenflo, Rudolf — 2007

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 26A33, 33E12, 33C60, 44A10, 45K05, 74D05, The aim of this tutorial survey is to revisit the basic theory of relaxation processes governed by linear differential equations of fractional order. The fractional derivatives are intended both in the Rieamann-Liouville sense and in the Caputo sense. After giving a necessary outline of the classica theory of linear viscoelasticity, we contrast these two types of fractiona derivatives in their ability...

Renewal Processes of Mittag-Leffler and Wright Type

Mainardi, FrancescoGorenflo, RudolfVivoli, Alessandro — 2005

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

2000 MSC: 26A33, 33E12, 33E20, 44A10, 44A35, 60G50, 60J05, 60K05. After sketching the basic principles of renewal theory we discuss the classical Poisson process and offer two other processes, namely the renewal process of Mittag-Leffler type and the renewal process of Wright type, so named by us because special functions of Mittag-Leffler and of Wright type appear in the definition of the relevant waiting times. We compare these three processes with each other, furthermore consider...

Professor Rudolf Gorenflo and his Contribution to Fractional Calculus

Luchko, YuryMainardi, FrancescoRogosin, Sergei — 2011

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

MSC 2010: 26A33 Dedicated to Professor Rudolf Gorenflo on the occasion of his 80th anniversary This paper presents a brief overview of the life story and professional career of Prof. R. Gorenflo - a well-known mathematician, an expert in the field of Differential and Integral Equations, Numerical Mathematics, Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis, an interesting conversational partner, an experienced colleague, and a real friend. Especially his role in the modern Fractional Calculus...

A Poster about the Old History of Fractional Calculus

Tenreiro Machado, J.Kiryakova, VirginiaMainardi, Francesco — 2010

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

MSC 2010: 26A33, 05C72, 33E12, 34A08, 34K37, 35R11, 60G22 The fractional calculus (FC) is an area of intensive research and development. In a previous paper and poster we tried to exhibit its recent state, surveying the period of 1966-2010. The poster accompanying the present note illustrates the major contributions during the period 1695-1970, the "old history" of FC.

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