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Summability "au plus petit terme"

María-Angeles Zurro — 1995

Studia Mathematica

There is a curious phenomenon in the theory of Gevrey asymptotic expansions. In general the asymptotic formal power series is divergent, but there is some partial sum which approaches the value of the function very well. In this note we prove that there exists a truncation of the series which comes near the function in an exponentially flat way.

On the rings of formal solutions of polynomial differential equations

Maria-Angeles Zurro — 1998

Banach Center Publications

The paper establishes the basic algebraic theory for the Gevrey rings. We prove the Hensel lemma, the Artin approximation theorem and the Weierstrass-Hironaka division theorem for them. We introduce a family of norms and we look at them as a family of analytic functions defined on some semialgebraic sets. This allows us to study the analytic and algebraic properties of this rings.

Closure Theorem for Partially Semialgebraic Sets

María-Angeles Zurro — 2007

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mathematics

In 1988 it was proved by the first author that the closure of a partially semialgebraic set is partially semialgebraic. The essential tool used in that proof was the regular separation property. Here we give another proof without using this tool, based on the semianalytic L-cone theorem (Theorem 2), a semianalytic analog of the Cartan-Remmert-Stein lemma with parameters.

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