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Simultaneous rank test procedures

Marie Hušková — 1980

Aplikace matematiky

Simultaneous rank test procedures are proposed for testing of randomness concerning some marginals. The considered test procedures are analogous to those introduced by Krishnaiah for classical normal theory (see Krishnaiah (1965) Ann. Inst. Statist. Math. 17, 35-53).

Some invariant test procedures for detection of structural changes; behavior under alternatives

Marie Hušková — 2001


Regression- and scale-invariant M -test procedures for detection of structural changes in linear regression model was developed and their limit behavior under the null hypothesis was studied in Hušková [9]. In the present paper the limit behavior under local alternatives is studied. More precisely, it is shown that under local alternatives the considered test statistics have asymptotically normal distribution.

Estimators for epidemic alternatives

Marie Hušková — 1995

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

We introduce and study the behavior of estimators of changes in the mean value of a sequence of independent random variables in the case of so called epidemic alternatives which is one of the variants of the change point problem. The consistency and the limit distribution of the estimators developed for this situation are shown. Moreover, the classical estimators used for `at most change' are examined for the studied situation.

Estimators in the location model with gradual changes

Marie Hušková — 1998

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

A number of papers has been published on the estimation problem in location models with abrupt changes (e.g., Cs" orgő and Horváth (1996)). In the present paper we focus on estimators in location models with gradual changes. Estimators of the parameters are proposed and studied. It appears that the limit behavior (both the rate of consistency and limit distribution) of the estimators of the change point in location models with abrupt changes and gradual changes differ substantially.

Bayesian like R- and M- estimators of change points

Jaromír AntochMarie Husková — 2000

Discussiones Mathematicae Probability and Statistics

The purpose of this paper is to study Bayesian like R- and M-estimators of change point(s). These estimators have smaller variance than the related argmax type estimators. Confidence intervals for the change point based on the exchangeability arguments are constructed. Finally, theoretical results are illustrated on the real data set.

Permutation tests for multiple changes

Marie HuškováAleš Slabý — 2001


Approximations to the critical values for tests for multiple changes in location models are obtained through permutation tests principle. Theoretical results say that the approximations based on the limit distribution and the permutation distribution of the test statistics behave in the same way in the limit. However, the results of simulation study show that the permutation tests behave considerably better than the corresponding tests based on the asymptotic critical value.

Goodness-of-fit tests for parametric regression models based on empirical characteristic functions

Marie HuškováSimon G. Meintanis — 2009


Test procedures are constructed for testing the goodness-of-fit in parametric regression models. The test statistic is in the form of an L2 distance between the empirical characteristic function of the residuals in a parametric regression fit and the corresponding empirical characteristic function of the residuals in a non-parametric regression fit. The asymptotic null distribution as well as the behavior of the test statistic under contiguous alternatives is investigated. Theoretical results are...

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