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Linear actions of free groups

Mark PollicottRichard Sharp — 2001

Annales de l’institut Fourier

In this paper we study dynamical properties of linear actions by free groups via the induced action on projective space. This point of view allows us to introduce techniques from Thermodynamic Formalism. In particular, we obtain estimates on the growth of orbits and their limiting distribution on projective space.

Unique Bernoulli g -measures

Anders JohanssonAnders ÖbergMark Pollicott — 2012

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We improve and subsume the conditions of Johansson and Öberg and Berbee for uniqueness of a g -measure, i.e., a stationary distribution for chains with complete connections. In addition, we prove that these unique g -measures have Bernoulli natural extensions. We also conclude that we have convergence in the Wasserstein metric of the iterates of the adjoint transfer operator to the g -measure.

Sets of nondifferentiability for conjugacies between expanding interval maps

Thomas JordanMarc KesseböhmerMark PollicottBernd O. Stratmann — 2009

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We study differentiability of topological conjugacies between expanding piecewise C 1 + ϵ interval maps. If these conjugacies are not C¹, then their derivative vanishes Lebesgue almost everywhere. We show that in this case the Hausdorff dimension of the set of points for which the derivative of the conjugacy does not exist lies strictly between zero and one. Moreover, by employing the thermodynamic formalism, we show that this Hausdorff dimension can be determined explicitly in terms of the Lyapunov spectrum....

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