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C-Distribution semigroups

Marko Kostić — 2008

Studia Mathematica

A class of C-distribution semigroups unifying the class of (quasi-) distribution semigroups of Wang and Kunstmann (when C = I) is introduced. Relations between C-distribution semigroups and integrated C-semigroups are given. Dense C-distribution semigroups as well as weak solutions of the corresponding Cauchy problems are also considered.

On a class of abstract degenerate fractional differential equations of parabolic type

Marko Kostić — 2018

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

In this paper, we investigate a class of abstract degenerate fractional differential equations with Caputo derivatives. We consider subordinated fractional resolvent families generated by multivalued linear operators, which do have removable singularities at the origin. Semi-linear degenerate fractional Cauchy problems are also considered in this context.

Dynamics of multivalued linear operators

We introduce several notions of linear dynamics for multivalued linear operators (MLO’s) between separable Fréchet spaces, such as hypercyclicity, topological transitivity, topologically mixing property, and Devaney chaos. We also consider the case of disjointness, in which any of these properties are simultaneously satisfied by several operators. We revisit some sufficient well-known computable criteria for determining those properties. The analysis of the dynamics of extensions of linear operators...

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