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Quantum scattering near the lowest Landau threshold for a Schrödinger operator with a constant magnetic field

Michael Melgaard — 2003

Open Mathematics

For fixed magnetic quantum number m results on spectral properties and scattering theory are given for the three-dimensional Schrödinger operator with a constant magnetic field and an axisymmetrical electric potential V. In various, mostly singular settings, asymptotic expansions for the resolvent of the Hamiltonian H m+Hom+V are deduced as the spectral parameter tends to the lowest Landau threshold. Furthermore, scattering theory for the pair (H m, H om) is established and asymptotic expansions...

Scattering properties for a pair of Schrödinger type operators on cylindrical domains

Michael Melgaard — 2007

Open Mathematics

Strong asymptotic completeness is shown for a pair of Schrödinger type operators on a cylindrical Lipschitz domain. A key ingredient is a limiting absorption principle valid in a scale of weighted (local) Sobolev spaces with respect to the uniform topology. The results are based on a refined version of Mourre’s method within the context of pseudo-selfadjoint operators.

Complex absorbing potential method for systems

The Complex Absorbing Potential (CAP) method is widely used to compute resonances in Quantum Chemistry, both for scalar valued and matrix valued Hamiltonians. In the semiclassical limit ℏ → 0 we consider resonances near the real axis and we establish the CAP method rigorously in an abstract matrix valued setting by proving that resonances are perturbed eigenvalues of the nonselfadjoint CAP Hamiltonian, and vice versa. The proof is based on pseudodifferential operator theory and microlocal analysis....

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