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A Dynamic Frictionless Contact Problem with Adhesion and Damage

Mohamed SelmaniLynda Selmani — 2007

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mathematics

We consider a dynamic frictionless contact problem for a viscoelastic material with damage. The contact is modeled with normal compliance condition. The adhesion of the contact surfaces is considered and is modeled with a surface variable, the bonding field, whose evolution is described by a first order differential equation. We establish a variational formulation for the problem and prove the existence and uniqueness of the solution. The proofs are based on the theory of evolution equations with...

A frictional contact problem with wear and damage for electro-viscoelastic materials

Mohamed SelmaniLynda Selmani — 2010

Applications of Mathematics

We consider a quasistatic contact problem for an electro-viscoelastic body. The contact is frictional and bilateral with a moving rigid foundation which results in the wear of the contacting surface. The damage of the material caused by elastic deformation is taken into account, its evolution is described by an inclusion of parabolic type. We present a weak formulation for the model and establish existence and uniqueness results. The proofs are based on classical results for elliptic variational...

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