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On the structure of Brieskorn lattice

Morihiko Saito — 1989

Annales de l'institut Fourier

We study the structure of the filtered Gauss-Manin system associated to a holomorphic function with an isolated singularity, and get a basis of the Brieskorn lattice Ω X , 0 n + 1 / d f d Ω X , 0 n + 1 over { { t - 1 } } such that the action of t is expressed by t v = A 0 + A 1 t - 1 v for two matrices A 0 , A 1 with A 1 semi-simple, where v = t ( v 1 ... v μ ) is the basis. As an application, we calculate the b -function of f in the case of two variables.

Some consequences of perversity of vanishing cycles

Alexandru DimcaMorihiko Saito — 2004

Annales de l’institut Fourier

For a holomorphic function on a complex manifold, we show that the vanishing cohomology of lower degree at a point is determined by that for the points near it, using the perversity of the vanishing cycle complex. We calculate this order of vanishing explicitly in the case the hypersurface has simple normal crossings outside the point. We also give some applications to the size of Jordan blocks for monodromy.

Spectrum and multiplier ideals of arbitrary subvarieties

Alexandru DimcaPhilippe MaisonobeMorihiko Saito — 2011

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We introduce a spectrum for arbitrary subvarieties. This generalizes the definition by Steenbrink for hypersurfaces. In the isolated complete intersection singularity case, it coincides with the one given by Ebeling and Steenbrink except for the coefficients of integral exponents. We show a relation to the graded pieces of the multiplier ideals by using the filtration V of Kashiwara and Malgrange. This implies a partial generalization of a theorem of Budur in the hypersurface case. The key point...

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