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On the growth of the resolvent operators for power bounded operators

Olavi Nevanlinna — 1997

Banach Center Publications

Outline. In this paper I discuss some quantitative aspects related to power bounded operators T and to the decay of T n ( T - 1 ) . For background I refer to two recent surveys J. Zemánek [1994], C. J. K. Batty [1994]. Here I try to complement these two surveys in two different directions. First, if the decay of T n ( T - 1 ) is as fast as O(1/n) then quite strong conclusions can be made. The situation can be thought of as a discrete version of analytic semigroups; I try to motivate this in Section 1 by demonstrating the...

Resolvent conditions and powers of operators

Olavi Nevanlinna — 2001

Studia Mathematica

We discuss the relation between the growth of the resolvent near the unit circle and bounds for the powers of the operator. Resolvent conditions like those of Ritt and Kreiss are combined with growth conditions measuring the resolvent as a meromorphic function.

Approximating real linear operators

Marko HuhtanenOlavi Nevanlinna — 2007

Studia Mathematica

A framework to extend the singular value decomposition of a matrix to a real linear operator : p is suggested. To this end real linear operators called operets are introduced, to have an appropriate generalization of rank-one matrices. Then, adopting the interpretation of the singular value decomposition of a matrix as providing its nearest small rank approximations, ℳ is approximated with a sum of operets.

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