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Normal structure of Lorentz-Orlicz spaces

Pei-Kee LinHuiying Sun — 1997

Annales Polonici Mathematici

Let ϕ: ℝ → ℝ₊ ∪ 0 be an even convex continuous function with ϕ(0) = 0 and ϕ(u) > 0 for all u > 0 and let w be a weight function. u₀ and v₀ are defined by u₀ = supu: ϕ is linear on (0,u), v₀=supv: w is constant on (0,v) (where sup∅ = 0). We prove the following theorem. Theorem. Suppose that Λ ϕ , w ( 0 , ) (respectively, Λ ϕ , w ( 0 , 1 ) ) is an order continuous Lorentz-Orlicz space. (1) Λ ϕ , w has normal structure if and only if u₀ = 0 (respectively, v ϕ ( u ) · w < 2 a n d u < ) . (2) Λ ϕ , w has weakly normal structure if and only if 0 v ϕ ( u ) · w < 2 .

Isometries of Musielak-Orlicz spaces II

J. JamisonA. KamińskaPei-Kee Lin — 1993

Studia Mathematica

A characterization of isometries of complex Musielak-Orlicz spaces L Φ is given. If L Φ is not a Hilbert space and U : L Φ L Φ is a surjective isometry, then there exist a regular set isomorphism τ from (T,Σ,μ) onto itself and a measurable function w such that U(f) = w ·(f ∘ τ) for all f L Φ . Isometries of real Nakano spaces, a particular case of Musielak-Orlicz spaces, are also studied.

On some geometric properties concerning closed convex sets.

D. N. KutzarovaPei-Kee LinP. L. PapiniXin Tai Yu — 1991

Collectanea Mathematica

In this article, we consider the (weak) drop property, weak property (a), and property (w) for closed convex sets. Here we give some relations between those properties. Particularly, we prove that C has (weak) property (a) if and only if the subdifferential mapping of Cº is (n-n) (respectively, (n-w)) upper semicontinuous and (weak) compact valued. This gives an extension of a theorem of Giles and the first author.

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