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Killing spinor-valued forms and the cone construction

Petr SombergPetr Zima — 2016

Archivum Mathematicum

On a pseudo-Riemannian manifold 𝕄 we introduce a system of partial differential Killing type equations for spinor-valued differential forms, and study their basic properties. We discuss the relationship between solutions of Killing equations on 𝕄 and parallel fields on the metric cone over 𝕄 for spinor-valued forms.

Deformation Theory (Lecture Notes)

M. DoubekMartin MarklPetr Zima — 2007

Archivum Mathematicum

First three sections of this overview paper cover classical topics of deformation theory of associative algebras and necessary background material. We then analyze algebraic structures of the Hochschild cohomology and describe the relation between deformations and solutions of the corresponding Maurer-Cartan equation. In Section  we generalize the Maurer-Cartan equation to strongly homotopy Lie algebras and prove the homotopy invariance of the moduli space of solutions of this equation. In the last...

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