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Dynamical systems with several equilibria and natural Liapunov functions

Vladimir Răsvan — 1998

Archivum Mathematicum

Dynamical systems with several equilibria occur in various fields of science and engineering: electrical machines, chemical reactions, economics, biology, neural networks. As pointed out by many researchers, good results on qualitative behaviour of such systems may be obtained if a Liapunov function is available. Fortunately for almost all systems cited above the Liapunov function is associated in a natural way as an energy of a certain kind and it is at least nonincreasing along systems solutions....

Stability and sliding modes for a class of nonlinear time delay systems

Vladimir B. Răsvan — 2011

Mathematica Bohemica

The following time delay system x ˙ = A x ( t ) + 1 r b q i * x ( t - τ i ) - b ϕ ( c * x ( t ) ) is considered, where ϕ : may have discontinuities, in particular at the origin. The solution is defined using the “redefined nonlinearity” concept. For such systems sliding modes are discussed and a frequency domain inequality for global asymptotic stability is given.

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