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Solution for a classical problem in the calculus of variations via rationalized Haar functions

Mohsen RazzaghiYadollah Ordokhani — 2001


A numerical technique for solving the classical brachistochrone problem in the calculus of variations is presented. The brachistochrone problem is first formulated as a nonlinear optimal control problem. Application of this method results in the transformation of differential and integral expressions into some algebraic equations to which Newton-type methods can be applied. The method is general, and yields accurate results.

Fractional-order Bessel functions with various applications

Haniye DehestaniYadollah OrdokhaniMohsen Razzaghi — 2019

Applications of Mathematics

We introduce fractional-order Bessel functions (FBFs) to obtain an approximate solution for various kinds of differential equations. Our main aim is to consider the new functions based on Bessel polynomials to the fractional calculus. To calculate derivatives and integrals, we use Caputo fractional derivatives and Riemann-Liouville fractional integral definitions. Then, operational matrices of fractional-order derivatives and integration for FBFs are derived. Also, we discuss an error estimate between...

Haar wavelets method for solving Pocklington's integral equation

M. ShamsiMohsen RazzaghiJ. NazarzadehMasoud Shafiee — 2004


A simple and effective method based on Haar wavelets is proposed for the solution of Pocklington’s integral equation. The properties of Haar wavelets are first given. These wavelets are utilized to reduce the solution of Pocklington’s integral equation to the solution of algebraic equations. In order to save memory and computation time, we apply a threshold procedure to obtain sparse algebraic equations. Through numerical examples, performance of the present method is investigated concerning the...

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