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Nielsen fixed point theory on manifolds

Robert Brown — 1999

Banach Center Publications

The study of fixed points of continuous self-maps of compact manifolds involves geometric topology in a significant way in topological fixed point theory. This survey will discuss some of the questions that have arisen in this study and indicate our present state of knowledge, and ignorance, of the answers to them. We will limit ourselves to the statement of facts, without any indication of proof. Thus the reader will have to consult the references to find out how geometric topology has contributed...

Fixed Points of n-Valued Multimaps of the Circle

Robert F. Brown — 2006

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mathematics

A multifunction ϕ: X ⊸ Y is n-valued if ϕ(x) is an unordered subset of n points of Y for each x ∈ X. The (continuous) n-valued multimaps ϕ: S¹ ⊸ S¹ are classified up to homotopy by an integer-valued degree. In the Nielsen fixed point theory of such multimaps, due to Schirmer, the Nielsen number N(ϕ) of an n-valued ϕ: S¹ ⊸ S¹ of degree d equals |n - d| and ϕ is homotopic to an n-valued power map that has exactly |n - d| fixed points. Thus the Wecken property, that Schirmer established for manifolds...

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