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Uniformly enclosing discretization methods and grid generation for semilinear boundary value problems with first order terms

Hans-Görg Roos — 1989

Aplikace matematiky

The paper deals with uniformly enclosing discretization methods of the first order for semilinear boundary value problems. Some fundamental properties of this discretization technique (the enclosing property, convergence, the inverse-monotonicity) are proved. A feedback grid generation principle using information from the lower and upper solutions is presented.

Necessary conditions for uniform convergence of finite difference schemes for convection-diffusion problems with exponential and parabolic layers

Hans-Görg RoosMartin Stynes — 1996

Applications of Mathematics

Singularly perturbed problems of convection-diffusion type cannot be solved numerically in a completely satisfactory manner by standard numerical methods. This indicates the need for robust or ϵ -uniform methods. In this paper we derive new conditions for such schemes with special emphasize to parabolic layers.

The combination technique for a two-dimensional convection-diffusion problem with exponential layers

Sebastian FranzFang LiuHans-Görg RoosMartin StynesAihui Zhou — 2009

Applications of Mathematics

Convection-diffusion problems posed on the unit square and with solutions displaying exponential layers are solved using a sparse grid Galerkin finite element method with Shishkin meshes. Writing N for the maximum number of mesh intervals in each coordinate direction, our “combination” method simply adds or subtracts solutions that have been computed by the Galerkin FEM on N × N , N × N and N × N meshes. It is shown that the combination FEM yields (up to a factor ln N ) the same order of accuracy in the associated...

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