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Exact 3D solutions and finite element 2D models for free vibration analysis of plates and cylinders

Salvatore BrischettoRoberto Torre — 2014

Curved and Layered Structures

The paper proposes a comparison between classical two-dimensional (2D) finite elements (FEs) and an exact three-dimensional (3D) solution for the free vibration analysis of one-layered and multilayered isotropic, composite and sandwich plates and cylinders. Low and high order frequencies are analyzed for thick and thin simply supported structures. Vibration modes are investigated to make a comparison between results obtained via the finite element method and those obtained by means of the exact...

A multipurpose modular drone with adjustable arms produced via the FDM additive manufacturing process

Salvatore BrischettoAlessandro CianoCarlo Giovanni Ferro — 2016

Curved and Layered Structures

The present paper shows an innovative multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which is able to easily and quickly change its configuration. In order to satisfy this feature, the principal structure is made of an universal plate, combined with a circular ring, to create a rail guide able to host the arms, in a variable number from 3 to 8, and the legs. The arms are adjustable and contain all the avionic and motor drivers to connect the main structure with each electric motor. The unique arm design,...

Characterization of ABS specimens produced via the 3D printing technology for drone structural components

Carlo Giovanni FerroSalvatore BrischettoRoberto TorrePaolo Maggiore — 2016

Curved and Layered Structures

The Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology is widely used in rapid prototyping. 3D printers for home desktop applications are usually employed to make non-structural objects. When the mechanical stresses are not excessive, this technology can also be successfully employed to produce structural objects, not only in prototyping stage but also in the realization of series pieces. The innovative idea of the present work is the application of this technology, implemented in a desktop 3D printer,...

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