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How to increase convergence order of the Newton method to 2 × m ?

Sanjay Kumar Khattri — 2014

Applications of Mathematics

We present a simple and effective scheme for forming iterative methods of various convergence orders. In this scheme, methods of various convergence orders, such as four, six, eight and ten, are formed through a modest modification of the classical Newton method. Since the scheme considered is a simple modification of the Newton method, it can be easily implemented in existing software packages, which is also suggested by the presented pseudocodes. Finally some problems are solved, to very high...

An Adaptive Quadrilateral Mesh in Curved Domains

Kumar Khattri, Sanjay — 2009

Serdica Journal of Computing

An nonlinear elliptic system for generating adaptive quadrilateral meshes in curved domains is presented. The presented technique has been implemented in the C++ language with the help of the standard template library. The software package writes the converged meshes in the GMV and the Matlab formats. Grid generation is the first very important step for numerically solving partial differential equations. Thus, the presented C++ grid generator is extremely important to the computational science community....

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