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Beta fuzzy logic systems approximation properties in the mimo case

Adel AlimiRadhia HassineMohamed Selmi — 2003

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Many researches have been interested in the approximation properties of Fuzzy Logic Systems (FLS), which, like neural networks, can be seen as approximation schemes. Almost all of them tackled the Mamdani fuzzy model, which was shown to have many interesting approximation features. However, only in few cases the Sugeno fuzzy model was considered. In this paper, we are interested in the zero-order Multi-Input-Multi-Output (MIMO) Sugeno fuzzy model with Beta membership functions. This leads to Beta...

Estimation of Green's function on piecewise Dini-smooth bounded Jordan domains

Mohamed Amine Ben BoubakerMohamed Selmi — 2013

Colloquium Mathematicae

We establish inequalities for Green functions on general bounded piecewise Dini-smooth Jordan domains in ℝ². This enables us to prove a new version of the 3G Theorem which generalizes its previous version given in [M. Selmi, Potential Anal. 13 (2000)]. Using these results, we give a comparison theorem for the Green kernel of Δ and the Green kernel of Δ - μ, where μ is a nonnegative and exact Radon measure.

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