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Pre-strongly solid varieties of commutative semigroups

Sarawut PhuapongSorasak Leeratanavalee — 2011

Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications

Generalized hypersubstitutions are mappings from the set of all fundamental operations into the set of all terms of the same language do not necessarily preserve the arities. Strong hyperidentities are identities which are closed under the generalized hypersubstitutions and a strongly solid variety is a variety which every its identity is a strong hyperidentity. In this paper we give an example of pre-strongly solid varieties of commutative semigroups and determine the least and the greatest pre-strongly...

The monoid of generalized hypersubstitutions of type τ = (n)

Wattapong PuninagoolSorasak Leeratanavalee — 2010

Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications

A (usual) hypersubstitution of type τ is a function which takes each operation symbol of the type to a term of the type, of the same arity. The set of all hypersubstitutions of a fixed type τ forms a monoid under composition, and semigroup properties of this monoid have been studied by a number of authors. In particular, idempotent and regular elements, and the Green’s relations, have been studied for type (n) by S.L. Wismath. A generalized hypersubstitution of type τ=(n) is a mapping σ which takes...

All completely regular elements in H y p G ( n )

Ampika BoonmeeSorasak Leeratanavalee — 2013

Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications

In Universal Algebra, identities are used to classify algebras into collections, called varieties and hyperidentities are use to classify varieties into collections, called hypervarities. The concept of a hypersubstitution is a tool to study hyperidentities and hypervarieties. Generalized hypersubstitutions and strong identities generalize the concepts of a hypersubstitution and of a hyperidentity, respectively. The set of all generalized hypersubstitutions forms a monoid. In...

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