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Rigidity of CR morphisms between compact strongly pseudoconvex CR manifolds

Stephen S.-T. Yau — 2011

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

Let X 1 and X 2 be two compact strongly pseudoconvex CR manifolds of dimension 2 n - 1 5 which bound complex varieties V 1 and V 2 with only isolated normal singularities in N 1 and N 2 respectively. Let S 1 and S 2 be the singular sets of V 1 and V 2 respectively and S 2 is nonempty. If 2 n - N 2 - 1 1 and the cardinality of S 1 is less than 2 times the cardinality of S 2 , then we prove that any non-constant CR morphism from X 1 to X 2 is necessarily a CR biholomorphism. On the other hand, let X be a compact strongly pseudoconvex CR manifold of...

On a number theoretic conjecture on positive integral points in a 5-dimensional tetrahedron and a sharp estimate of the Dickman–De Bruijn function

Ke-Pao LinXue LuoStephen S.-T. YauHuaiqing Zuo — 2014

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

It is well known that getting the estimate of integral points in right-angled simplices is equivalent to getting the estimate of Dickman-De Bruijn function ψ ( x , y ) which is the number of positive integers x and free of prime factors > y . Motivating from the Yau Geometry Conjecture, the third author formulated the Number Theoretic Conjecture which gives a sharp polynomial upper estimate that counts the number of positive integral points in n-dimensional ( n 3 ) real right-angled simplices. In this paper, we...

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