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The functor σ²X

Stevo Todorčević — 1995

Studia Mathematica

We disprove the existence of a universal object in several classes of spaces including the class of weakly Lindelöf Banach spaces.

Analytic gaps

Stevo Todorčević — 1996

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We investigate when two orthogonal families of sets of integers can be separated if one of them is analytic.

A dichotomy for P-ideals of countable sets

Stevo Todorčević — 2000

Fundamenta Mathematicae

A dichotomy concerning ideals of countable subsets of some set is introduced and proved compatible with the Continuum Hypothesis. The dichotomy has influence not only on the Suslin Hypothesis or the structure of Hausdorff gaps in the quotient algebra P ( ) / but also on some higher order statements like for example the existence of Jensen square sequences.

The isomorphism relation between tree-automatic Structures

Olivier FinkelStevo Todorčević — 2010

Open Mathematics

An ω-tree-automatic structure is a relational structure whose domain and relations are accepted by Muller or Rabin tree automata. We investigate in this paper the isomorphism problem for ω-tree-automatic structures. We prove first that the isomorphism relation for ω-tree-automatic boolean algebras (respectively, partial orders, rings, commutative rings, non commutative rings, non commutative groups, nilpotent groups of class n ≥ 2) is not determined by the axiomatic system ZFC. Then we prove that...

Partition properties of ω1 compatible with CH

Uri AbrahamStevo Todorčević — 1997

Fundamenta Mathematicae

A combinatorial statement concerning ideals of countable subsets of ω is introduced and proved to be consistent with the Continuum Hypothesis. This statement implies the Suslin Hypothesis, that all (ω, ω*)-gaps are Hausdorff, and that every coherent sequence on ω either almost includes or is orthogonal to some uncountable subset of ω.

Chain conditions in maximal models

Paul LarsonStevo Todorčević — 2001

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We present two m a x varations which create maximal models relative to certain counterexamples to Martin’s Axiom, in hope of separating certain classical statements which fall between MA and Suslin’s Hypothesis. One of these models is taken from [19], in which we maximize relative to the existence of a certain type of Suslin tree, and then force with that tree. In the resulting model, all Aronszajn trees are special and Knaster’s forcing axiom ₃ fails. Of particular interest is the still open question...

Multiple gaps

Antonio AvilésStevo Todorcevic — 2011

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We study a higher-dimensional version of the standard notion of a gap formed by a finite sequence of ideals of the quotient algebra 𝓟(ω)/fin. We examine different types of such objects found in 𝓟(ω)/fin both from the combinatorial and the descriptive set-theoretic side.

Partial unconditionality of weakly null sequences.

Jordi López AbadStevo Todorcevic — 2006


We survey a combinatorial framework for studying subsequences of a given sequence in a Banach space, with particular emphasis on weakly-null sequences. We base our presentation on the crucial notion of introduced long time ago by Nash-Williams. In fact, one of the purposes of this survey is to isolate the importance of studying mappings defined on barriers as a crucial step towards solving a given problem that involves sequences in Banach spaces. We focus our study on various forms of ?partial...

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