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Periodic orbits and chain-transitive sets of C1-diffeomorphisms

Sylvain Crovisier — 2006

Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS

We prove that the chain-transitive sets of C-generic diffeomorphisms are approximated in the Hausdorff topology by periodic orbits. This implies that the homoclinic classes are dense among the chain-recurrence classes. This result is a consequence of a global connecting lemma, which allows to build by a C-perturbation an orbit connecting several prescribed points. One deduces a weak shadowing property satisfied by C-generic diffeomorphisms: any pseudo-orbit is approximated in the Hausdorff topology...

Ensembles de torsion nulle des applications déviant la verticale

Sylvain Crovisier — 2003

Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France

Nous définissons la notion d’ensemble bien ordonné de torsion nulle pour les applications déviant la verticale. Contrairement aux études variationnelles de [14] et [1], nous proposons une approche topologique. On retrouve pour ces ensembles un grand nombre de propriétés des ensembles bien ordonnés décrites dans [11]. En reprenant un argument de G.Hall [7], nous montrons en particulier que pour tout nombre de rotation, il existe un ensemble bien ordonné de torsion nulle.

Generic diffeomorphisms on compact surfaces

Flavio AbdenurChristian BonattiSylvain CrovisierLorenzo J. Díaz — 2005

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We discuss the remaining obstacles to prove Smale's conjecture about the C¹-density of hyperbolicity among surface diffeomorphisms. Using a C¹-generic approach, we classify the possible pathologies that may obstruct the C¹-density of hyperbolicity. We show that there are essentially two types of obstruction: (i) persistence of infinitely many hyperbolic homoclinic classes and (ii) existence of a single homoclinic class which robustly exhibits homoclinic tangencies. In the course of our discussion,...

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