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On the singularities of the inverse to a meromorphic function of finite order.

Walter BergweilerAlexander Eremenko — 1995

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

Our main result implies the following theorem: Let f be a transcendental meromorphic function in the complex plane. If f has finite order ρ, then every asymptotic value of f, except at most 2ρ of them, is a limit point of critical values of f. We give several applications of this theorem. For example we prove that if f is a transcendental meromorphic function then f'fn with n ≥ 1 takes every finite non-zero value infinitely often. This proves a conjecture of Hayman....

Baker domains for Newton’s method

Walter BergweilerDavid DrasinJames K. Langley — 2007

Annales de l’institut Fourier

For an entire function f let N ( z ) = z - f ( z ) / f ( z ) be the Newton function associated to f . Each zero ξ of f is an attractive fixed point of N and is contained in an invariant component of the Fatou set of the meromorphic function N in which the iterates of N converge to ξ . If f has an asymptotic representation f ( z ) exp ( - z n ) , n , in a sector | arg z | < ε , then there exists an invariant component of the Fatou set where the iterates of N tend to infinity. Such a component is called an invariant Baker domain. A question in the opposite...

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